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Oberon Workstation is available! 16 Nov 2018

Hope everything works well. Please mail us if you find quirks in the buying procedure.

Added support page14 Nov 2018

The support page for Oberon Workstation mainly consists of installation and first-use tips.
We have decided on the reseller for our product: Paddle.com

Added provisional Oberon Workstation License agreement and privacy policy8 Nov 2018

Getting close to releasing. We're still working on some final decisions related to payment processing for Oberon Workstation.

Added product description 31 Oct 2018

We decided on the specifications of the new Oberon Workstation product. This includes intentions for future updates.

New products 19 Oct 2018

As of today, 19 Oct 2018, we continue with a more diversified product set:

Welcome to the new site 19 Oct 2018

The new site is still not finished, but most parts relevant to the new Oberon Core application are in place.